A Christmas (eve) prayer.

So Christmas eve has almost come and gone…

The house is a mess,

Dishes are in the sink,

Kids are off (and refusing naps),

Kroger is chaotic,

Services are starting.

& I’m about to pray and prepare people’s hearts for God’s message.


I can sense my anxiety level rising,

My worries surmounting…

presents to be wrapped, rooms to organize, food to cook.


And almost immediately I am reminded of your words… that I encouraged OTHERS to apply.

Be still.

Embrace the tension.

Focus our heart and mind on matters most…YOU

D W E L L  on this moment, THE moment in history that shaped everything.


D W E L L  on…

Your truth

Your light

Your hope


Thank you lord for the simplicity of the manger and the Christmas story.

That your grand entrance was in a tiny stable,

Wrapped in rags,

In a foreign town.

That your story, my story, DOES NOT begin with the clean & pretty & organized.

That it wasn’t in a clean, perfectly decorated house,

with a 6 course (non-crock pot meal),

with cutes presents,

and perfectly behaved children.

Why do I fight for this (non- manger like) Christmas so desperately?

Why do I keep longing for a Christmas that  is clean and orderly and perfect?

One that has gifts overflowing in the perfect home where all is “calm and all is bright.”


Why do I tarry myself with the STUFF that doesn’t really matter all the while rushing through the small moments that do?


Oh lord forgive my heart.

Forgive my mindset.

Forgive me for making Christmas something you never intended it to be.


Remind me of your truth

Your reality

Your hope this season.


Help my heart move from the cleanliness of my house to the disorder or your entrance,

From the perfect present to the perfect savior,

From the dishes to the manger,

From the exhaustion to the stillness.


Dear gracious Savior,

Let THAT truth be the desire of my heart,

THE moment and gentle reminder that allows me to remain present on such a significant day.


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