Cornbread cupcakes.

You ever feel like you face the same issues over and over and over again in life?  Same issues in your relationships.  Same issues in your marriage.  Same issues with your kids.  Same issues in your job.  Same issues with God. Like life is sometimes on repeat?

I do. A lot…  A whole lot.

And far too often these same lessons/struggles/issues/fill in the blank, leave me in the same discouraged, confused place.  A place where I doubt and question.  Where I get impatient and want to jump ahead of God.  Or where I get lost in the “things will never change- life will always be this way” kind of thinking.  It’s the pits.  And I fall for it every time.

We’ve been having “food issues” at our house.  Hagen is teething (big time) and Delle is turning into a picky, “I don’t like anything new” eater.  Meal time around our house is a hit or miss game of negotiations and trickery.

The other day after a series of misses with Delle, as a last ditch effort I asked her if she wanted some cornbread from last night’s dinner.  It was a hit yesterday and I was hoping it would be one today as well.  So far she had consumed a grand total of 5 Cheetos, 1 cheese stick, and a little turkey.  & Somehow, the idea of cornbread made me feel like her lunch would be far more “well-balanced” if she had a semi-vegetable in the mix.

Shocker, she quickly replied with “no.”  Then somehow in my advanced “parenting trickery” skills kicked in &  it dawned on me to rephrase the question… “Delle, would you like one of these cornbread CUPCAKES?”   Magic word: cupcake.  Shocker, she said “yes,” ate most of the “cornbread cupcake” & I was content knowing my 3 year old had a little “nutrition” in her diet.

Here’s where this got me thinking.

Delle refused the plain cornbread.  Ate the cornbread “cupcake.”  & all along, knew it wasn’t really a cupcake.  But somehow in the rephrasing of what she THOUGHT she was eating, she learned to like (& eat) the cornbread.  Granted all of this logic is based on a 3 year old’s eating habits, but how often are we like Delle?

For me, here’s how this plays out… God calls me to wait.  I say no.  God calls me to wait some more.  I still say no.  I fight it. I whine.  I complain about why things aren’t turning out like I want them to.  God says wait.  I still say no.

And then God REFRAMES my waiting. My situation.

He reminds me of the “cupcake” so to speak.  He reminds me that I’m not ready, others aren’t ready, things aren’t ready for the next step.  That rushing ahead forgoes the lesson I need to learn today, in the moment, with these people.  And suddenly I stop. I take it in.  And I see my waiting not like I’m in some line at Starbucks that’s taking way too long but instead like it’s process, it’s a lesson.  Like it’s a GOOD thing.

I see my waiting not as something to fight against but something to lean into.  Something to embrace, to soak in, to see as GOOD not as an obstacle.

Truth: waiting/difficult lessons suck.

Reality: we all will encounter them.

The reality is a lot of us are like Delle.  We have a plan of how we want things to go.  It may not be as simple as a meal or cornbread but we have this plan.  It sits and lies in the back of our minds comparing itself against everything we do.  It tempts us.  It taunts us.  It makes us fight and whine and complain to God about where we are.

And God has to remind us, that whatever is in front of us…  It’s there for a reason.  Maybe for us, maybe for someone else.  But it’s there.  And it’s a part of our plan, whether we wanted it to be or not.  The difficult challenge is that the choice is up to us how we will embrace this plan, this “thing” that’s staring us in the face.

Will we fight it?

Will we whine?

Will we complain?

Will we curl up into a ball and stay frozen?

Will we throw it right back at God and stomp out of the room?

Or will we find the cupcake in our cornbread?  Will we see the GOOD of where we are, fight to remain focused knowing at just the right time, things will come together.  God will answer or reveal or heal or mend or whatever it is you need Him to do.  He will do it.  At just the right time.

So eat your cornbread and find the “cupcake” in it.

No that doesn’t mean it will taste like a cupcake or give you the nice little sugar rush that comes with cupcakes.  But you will be able to enjoy your cornbread a whole lot more if chose to see (& dwell) on the cupcake more than what it is you’re eating.  And maybe, just maybe, God will teach you something incredibly life changing in the process.

Who knew cornbread could have such meaningful lessons;)

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