It’s always a tricky thing summing up your life story into a few sentences… but here’s the long and short of it:

Jesus changed my life in high school and from that moment on I’ve been hooked on ministry. I started doing youth ministry at the ripe young age of 16 and loved every second of it. Then, 10 years later, God called me to leave my full-time youth ministry position as a newly married 26 year old (& yes, I snagged the greatest and most supportive man alive, Tommy).

6 months later, God called me to seminary and I began an entirely different journey.  One filled with theology and Hebrew and lots and lots of sleepless nights wondering why on earth I was back in school.  2 years into seminary God hinted of pursuing ordination at my home church… and that’s when I was convinced God lost his ever-loving mind.  & Yep, you guessed it- God won. And in January of 2013 I began my ordination journey.  Exactly 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with our first, Delle.

On October 9, 2013, Delle Florence was born and radically changed our lives.  We loved, laughed, and cried more than we ever could have imagined.  She is one hundred percent the sweetest, cutest, smartest kid I know (but then again, I’m a little biased).

The time had finally arrived… I graduated seminary and was ready to begin preparing for my ordination exams. And then, to our surprise… pregnant again. No one plans on completing the hardest exam of their life at 9 months pregnant, but that’s exactly how it played out for me. I literally finished my last exam and then two weeks later Hagen Rose came along. She was a ball of happiness and unexpected joy.  I was officially ordained and installed (that’s Presbyterian lingo for becoming a “Reverend”) on November of 2015.

Currently, I am navigating being a wife, mom of 2 amazing girls, working in ministry, and paving the way as the first female pastor at my church… easy peasy, right?! (Oh & just in case you didn’t catch that- it was sarcasm;).

So that’s me.  The more longer than shorter version.

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