Preparing for New.

I love new beginnings.  I get ridiculously sentimental about the end/last pages of a journal, book, year… EVERYTHING.  But when it comes time for the NEW YEAR, I instantly become like my 3 year old daughter giddy with excitement, hope, and optimism.

So naturally, I am getting pumped about 2017.  I love new year’s.  I love the celebration, reflection, and excitement that takes place.  It’s just fun to me.  & As I was thinking and journaling about this new year and all it will hold, I couldn’t help but be filled with hope and love and joy for what’s to come.  What came out of this time with the Lord was some powerful challenges, encouragement, and inspirations for the NEW YEAR.

Here’s what I wrote down (and will attempt to live) for this new season in 2017…

[L O R D],

Prepare me for 2017.  Prepare me for the good, prepare me for the wait, prepare me for the hard/confusing/difficult.  Help me to be patient when I need to wait.  To be persistent when I need to push.  To let go when the answer is “no.” 

 Lord, keep me, my heart, my mind in tune with you as we walk and live and love every single day.  Teach me to say “no,” when it’s not best.  To say “yes” when I should.  & maybe when I just don’t know.  & In all things let my heart be your heart.  My mind be your mind.  My life be your life. Be my ALL. My source. My peace. My hope.  My guiding light as I navigate this new year.

Lord, I don’t know what 2017 will bring.  If it’s anything like 2016 it will be filled with joy and sorrow, hardships & celebrations, peace & struggle.  Help me to lean hard into the good, be persistent (& hopeful) in the trying, and patient in the mundane.  Help me to live each day defined not by my achievement, work, success but instead by your grace, mercy, love, and investment into PEOPLE… not things.

Lord, let this year be a year where we step outside out of the comfortable, easy, routine and push the limits on justice, love, & mercy through deeply (& actively) caring for those in need. 

Let 2017 be a year when the word BRAVE is lived more than it’s spoken,

HOPE is shared more than it’s thought,

& CONFIDENCE is found more in who you are than what I do.

Thank you for “new.”  For the beginning of another year devoted to serving & loving you with all I am.  All in all, let your will be done as I learn to let go of mine.  & So Lord, I thank you for 2016 and ask that you prepare me for 2017. 






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