[R E] S O U R C E S

[re]SOURCE; an aid or guide to help one with the task at hand.

I have a vision. 

A vision of men and women; of different ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds- fearlessly seeking the heart of God.  A vision where these people are teaching, leading, and worshiping, and following the one, true God.  I believe we have access to some incredibly sacred writings.  Writings meant to inspire, engage, and prompt people to know this God on a deeper, more intimate level. 

But these writings aren’t mine.  They are God’s.  They are God’s words and inspirations and challenges.  They are the living, breathing words God intended for us to read, live, & be shaped by. 

And so my desire is not to give you some clever, one-liners or formulas (& to be honest, I’m a little tired of those) but instead guide you through the very WORDS that can calm a storm and bring the cosmos into order.

This study comes from a place of seeing men and women hungry for the word of God without any tools or guiding principles to help them honestly learn and grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures.  Information is not something we are lacking these days.  In fact, there’s maybe too much of it. But what we don’t have is something in between a heavy commentary and a heart-felt, flowers and butterflies type devotional.  Something that can simply be a [re]SOURCE in our quiet times alone with the Lord.  

& That’s my desire.  

To simply aid, or guide, you to listen to what God is breathing into your life TODAY. & That’s the heart behind what I’ve developed.

So now for the good news: My [re]SOURCEs are F R E E  & you can access your copy by clicking below and signing up for my newsletter!

Hope they enrich your (or your small group’s) time with the Lord. Enjoy.

[re]SOURCE; Psalm 27

[re]SOURCE; Psalm 90